About Us

Rachel has been a Wedding Photographer for well over twenty years in which time she has photographed over three hundred weddings. She is also a teacher of photography at an independent school and for private clients and cites the renowned photojournalist Dorothea Lange as one of her greatest influences. Rachel shoots Nikon in both Digital SLR and Film 35mm SLR. Rachel loves her Nikon D3 for its fast focus, capturing the action at busy weddings which are full of unique moments.

Dan has been a passionate photographer for some fifteen years since he started a family. He has been a wedding photographer for five years and cites world renowned fine art wedding photographer Jose Villa as his greatest influence. Dan shoots weddings primarily with his Pentax 645 Medium Format Film camera but also with a Digital Canon SLR for candid shots. Dan loves the Pentax for its ability to produce timeless, bright, airy photographs which keep the subject sharp and the background in a gorgeous buttery blur.

Together, our aim is to capture the beauty and joy of your wedding with two contrasting yet complementary styles which combine to produce a collection of photos that you will cherish forever.

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